Micro Cap Digital Currency Research & Reviews

I am fanatical about researching the Digital Currencies I am thinking about investing in. I am always on the lookout for new, unknown, ignored or misunderstood Altcoins with specific features indicating they are more likely to be successful than other coins. Here on Micro Cap Crypto I will try to answer the same simple question everyone is asking… Is this coin worth an investment or not?

There is no simple answer to this Crypto question, and you will never actually see me answer with a yes or no. I do not control your Bitcoin, and I cannot make decisions for you. However, I can tell you where to look and what to look for. Using the information I provide you can decide if the risk is worth the potential reward for your investment.

For each Digital Currency I answer five basic questions which define the fundamentals of a basic cryptocurrency project…

  1. Is the community enthusiastic?
  2. Are there active and responsive developers?
  3. Which exchanges is the currency traded on?
  4. What is the price history, and is it still reasonably priced?
  5. What does the coin already offer (wallet, website, slack)?

In addition I write a short summary detailing the features I believe make the Altcoin attractive or are reasons to avoid it. Obviously there is more to whether price rises than just answering these five questions. For example, it would be foolish to discount manipulation as a factor in price increase for Low Market Cap Alts, but manipulation cannot be used as a predictor… nobody is going to tell us, “Hey, we are about to pump and dump this currency, jump in!”

So, without further explanation, I invite you to click one of the Crypto Reviews to the left and take a look at the available information. Please keep in mind everything provided is only accurate as of the day it was researched. Information may have changed, and I encourage you to do your own research and please let me know of any changes using the contact form.

I am always interested in researching new coins and adding them to my list. If you think you know of one which may need to be added, please let me know! The main criteria I use is if the coin is outside of the mainstream crypto sphere of influence and has a low market cap. I encourage you to make sure the basics are covered before asking me to take a look. For example, if there is no website, I am going to mention it in my review and it will reflect negatively on the coin’s ultimate recommendation.

Thanks for your interest. Feel free to contact me using the Contact Form on this site.