A Behind the Scenes Look Into Micro Cap Crypto Reviews


What? Huh? How did you get here? This page is not linked anywhere on my site. If you are here to steal all my secrets you can freely have them. If you were looking for the main Review page, follow the link below…


If you really wanted to know more about me and what I am doing here, read on.

I am known as @spaid in slack. You can regularly find me in the Nexus Slack #trading room complaining about spam and people who fomo and make more BTC than I do. I get a lot of ideas for the coins I review from in the trading rooms as people ask about different coins. I also moderate the Crypto Currency News Reddit where I attempt to provide any relevant crypto news on a daily basis. In addition, I write announcements and articles for various coins, and put together the Nexus Newsletter each month.

There is nothing magical about what I do when researching. Anyone can do it with a little time and effort. What I hope my reviews accomplish is putting all the important information in one place so you don’t have to search when making the decision to invest or not.

When looking at a recommended digital currency to see if I am going to write about it, I start by going to CoinMarketCap.com to see the current market cap. I generally will not consider reviewing a coin worth over 1000 BTC, though some I have reviewed, such as EMC2, have now eclipsed that number since I reviewed them.

The next link I always visit is the Bitcointalk Announcement. Many altcoins have their most detailed explanation and all of their links here. Even before I start reading the description though, I go all the way to the last page to see if there is any recent activity. I am not interested in reviewing any dead coins, and activity here, especially activity by core team members, means something is happening. Most low cap coins fail this test, and it is rarely worth my time to look further.

If I find some recent activity I start reading about the coin to see what they are up to. I also visit their Slack to see how many people are there and if they are passionate. I was in PIVX early, and the enthusiasm in their Slack during the early days was electric. You just knew nothing could hold PIVX back when you were there.

Then I start putting the review page together. I have been learning as I go, and the newer reviews contain more information than the old ones. The summary and recommendation just come off the top of my head. I don’t think anyone reads them anyway… and for that matter, nobody will probably ever read this!

If you enjoy what I am doing here and just want to say hi, come by the Nexus Slack and look me up, or fill out the Contact Form and send me a message. I don’t solicit donations and tips here, but I won’t turn them down either if you appreciate the hundreds of hours that have gone into this site. You will have to ask me for my BTC address though. I don’t want to post it here.