5k Follower Milestone Giveaway

I am excited about the number of people who follow the Crypto_Currency_News Subreddit.  I want to celebrate by holding a contest and giving away some Crypto Currency. This prize amount currently is at 150 NXS, but will be larger by the time the contest starts.


I do not know when this contest will actually begin. There are a couple things still to happen on my side before it is ready, but I am hoping this page will be updated with the questions in the next week. Read through the Contest Rules below for more information.


There are a total of 12 possible points for the answers. Questions 1 through 10 are worth 1 point each. The answer to question 11 can be worth 2 points.

Number of Entries Graded

Only the first fifty (50) entries will be accepted and graded, so time is of the essence. After this number is reached, this contest page will be updated with a message and further submissions will be sent to an anonymous Email address I will never look at.


A total of 150 NXS is currently available as a prize for this contest. If three (3) people or less share the highest score, I will divide the prize evenly between them. If more than three share the same high score, the first three entries submitted will share the prize… so again, time is of the essence. The prize(s) will be publicly awarded in the Nexus Slack channel as tips, so if you are not a member there you will need to create an account.

Nexus Slack Auto-Invite

Please be sure to answer all 11 questions. They all will require research of some kind. Before you hit send, ask yourself if your answer to question 11 is better than anyone else’s answer. It should take the most time to research and will decide the winner(s).