ABY / ArtByte


August, 14 2017 – Version 2


Definition from http://music.artbyte.me Web Site

ArtByte Music Store is the revolutionary music site allowing musicians to sell their work for ArtBytes, the digital currency supporting artists.

Musicians keep 100% of the sales proceeds. It is free to list music and there are never any fees.

Fans around the world can buy music regardless of where they live, with no signup, credit cards, or bank account required.

Community Enthusiasm – 2 out of 5

  • There is no Slack or other community chat option.
  • Bitcointalk thread is active
  • A Forum is used for the main avenue of communication with the community.

Active Development – 3 out of 5

  • The devs are working in the background.
  • There is a working sales platform allowing payment using Digital Currency.
  • I cannot tell if the devs are making any progress on new development.
  • There is a 2017 Development Plan.

Exchanges – 3.5 out of 5

Price – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/applebyte/

  • ABY was under 50 sats for most of its life (since 2014)
  • The price has moved up in April reaching over 100 sats at times.
  • Price spiked in July to over 400 sats and again in August.

Wallets – http://www.artbyte.me/get-started/

  • Windows wallet
  • Apple wallet
  • Android wallet


August 14, 2017 Summary (v2)

I came very close to putting ArtByte on my ‘Did Not Review’ list because of the lack of communication options. There is no Slack or Telegram, and the BCT thread is only active when something is happening. If you want to contact a dev, you need to join the forum or send an email and wait for a response.

ArtByte has something special though… a working marketplace where music can be purchased with ABY, their digital currency, and a promise to soon also accept Bitcoin. There are very few projects in all of crypto with a working product with real-world usage. This is so rare and important, I decided to go ahead and give you the information you need to research for yourself and see if this is a project you can get behind.

My recommendation…

There is a lot of competition in the musical crypto-genre. I can think of three other coins off the top of my head working on similar projects… but none of the others currently have a working marketplace where artists and their fans can get together.

When I first reviewed ArtByte in May there are only 25 albums available on the ArtByte website. There are 33 now, so there is activity. I recommend you visit the site and listen to some samples and see how easy it is to use.

There are over 750 million coins in circulation so the price is not likely to reach anything near .50 cents, but this is crypto so I am not ruling anything out. I am not impressed by the communication. The Blog said, “here is what we are working on in 2017,” but there is no GitHub to see updates that I could find, and I could not find anyone to chat with to ask.

Even though they are on Bittrex, which is a huge plus, the lack of communication will probably keep me from buying ABY personally. I can understand if you purchase some if you are into buying or selling music and this is the type of project that gets you excited. As always, I recommend you do your research and find a good price to buy if you decide to do so.