Advertising With MicroCapCrypto


Thanks for your interest in advertising with

MicroCapCrypto had over 25,000 page views in December, 2017 and over 30,000 in January 2018. I have been working to deliver enough content to generate this kind of traffic before offering advertisements on the site.

I am not going to have anyone sign a contract. The ads will run on a month-to-month basis. If you want to take them down at the end of the month, just let me know. If I want to take them down at the end of the month I will let you know.

The spot on top of each page is for a 728×90 Banner. Wordpress can be picky about the format, so please have your banner ready as a JPEG or GIF.



The cost for your banner on the Index (main) page is $110/month, payable in most crypto currencies (see below). In addition, if you are paying for the main page, the same banner can be placed on the top of any other pages (your choice) within this website for $15/month for each page.

For example, if you are advertising a Proof of Stake coin, you may want to place your ad on the main page, and also on the Proof of Stake articles within the site.

If someone else already has the main page advertisement, and you would like to place your ad on a page without an advertisement, the cost is $20/month for each page.

An initial one-time setup fee of $5 per page is also required.

As payment I will take any digital currency listed on Bittrex. I will also accept PayPal. I will send you a reminder each month of the invoice coming due. If the payment is more than three days late I will make the assumption you are not going to pay and I will remove your ads.

I will not advertise the following types of currencies or websites. Acceptance of your banner and offer is at my discretion. Your banner must be sent to me for acceptance before any agreement is finalized.

  • Porn
  • ICOs – Your coin must already be established and past the funding stage.

Have any other questions? Ready to get going? Fill out the form below, or Email me at