April 20th Treasure Hunt & Trivia Winners


It is week 7 of free NXS community giveaways, and there are 7 winners. This week there was Treasure Hunt and Trivia challenge. Almost everyone who put the effort in seemed to enjoy it.

This week’s winners are…

1st to Finish with all answers correct (40 NXS) – thesource5 on Reddit

Next to Answer Question 1 Correctly (20 NXS) – @alberic on Slack

Next to Answer Question 2 Correctly (20 NXS) – miketront on Reddit

Next to Answer Question 3 Correctly (20 NXS) – @sid on Slack

Random Winner Question 1 (25 NXS) – Wombatandfrog on Discord

Random Winner Question 2 (25 NXS) – @andrp on Slack

Random Winner Question 3 (25 NXS) – @varunkilaru on Slack

The random winners this week have last week’s winner, our friend @nhelman64, to thank for picking the three random numbers this week. There were only 28 correct entries in the giveaway. The random numbers were 27, 18 & 26, so it paid to be one of the last to complete it.

We had our first two-time winners this week. Both alberic and miketront won in the past, but the amounts they won were small, so they not only get some more NXS, but they also get bragging rights. In a tight race, the first finisher, thesource5, beat alberic’s 2nd place entry by less than 2 minutes.

It ended up being more difficult for everyone than I had planned, but I appreciate the constructive feedback and hope to make do a better job next time, if I do one again.

Though the giveaway is over, I am leaving the treasure hunt up for anyone who just wants to try to solve it.

Treasure Hunt & Trivia Start Page

Since March 1st the community has given away over 850 NXS. Next week I will go back to to a more traditional giveaway and try to spread out the NXS by having a few winners. Check for new links to the entry page in the next few days.