Bulwark / BWK


April 4th, 2018 – Version 1


Definition from https://bulwarkcrypto.com

Bulwark is a coin that exists to provide freedom to users by defending their privacy. The coin offers the ability to send instantaneous transactions and to send highly private transactions. Bulwark started with proof of work mining but will transition into proof of stake in June 2018. Bulwark also features masternode technology, a useful feature that helps expedite transactions, secure the network, and promotes coin holding.


Community Enthusiasm – 4 out of 5

  • There is a Discord Channel with over 1000 members.
  • Bitcointalk thread is very active.
  • This coin is more mature than I would normally review.

Active Development – 4 out of 5

  • The project has multiple developers.
  • There are responsive Community Leaders available for questions.
  • There is a Roadmap with future plans.

Exchanges – 3 out of 5

Price – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bulwark/

  • Bulwark had the typical massive run-up in price just after release to over 100,000 sats
  • Current price is around 15,000 sats.
  • The low supply currently has BWK still with a low market cap.

Wallets – https://bulwarkcrypto.com/#section-downloads

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac



Jun 12th, 2018 Summary Updates

It is a bit unfair to list Bulwark with the other micro-cap coins on the site. The project only fits the criteria of being below 1000 BTC because the entire market is down and the supply is low, but I like what I see and want to let people know about it. I don’t expect BWK to stay under 1000 BTC market cap if the market turns around.

Even though BWK is a relatively new coin with just a few months of history, the team is larger than many other digital currency projects and is active with releases. It is copied from PIVX, and uses the same technology giving it a head start in privacy and masternode development. The whitepaper and roadmap have future plans defined which will make Bulwark unique, but at the same time they may also be able to incorporate more advanced privacy code being released from PIVX when it is available.

Currently Bulwark is in a PoW Mining and Masternode phase, but will switch to Proof of Stake with Masternodes in June 2018. The No-ICO initial distribution will be attractive to many people.

My recommendation…

The initial distribution method rewarding users with a tremendous number of coins in the first year will be very attractive to many people. It will also result in a high number of coins being available for sale the first year, which will probably hold down the price somewhat until the distribution becomes more normalized. This could lead to a great opportunity to pick up some cheap BWK this year.

Currently a BWK Masternode costs about $5,000, and is rewarding about a 200% ROI per year according to https://masternodes.online. The team claims their Masternode is the easiest to setup in crypto. As the coin gains more attention, has more releases, and reduces the distribution return, it should increase in price. This may take a while though since it is just getting started and the high rewards will continue through all of 2018.

I will be watching to see if the price falls as people sell to get their initial investment back, and look for an opportunity to get in as early as I can for the best price possible. It is important to remember I may be holding this a while before the price reflects the value for the reasons stated above. The market being down is also holding down the price of everything at the moment, so a recovery could make this much more expensive to buy if money starts flooding back into crypto. If there is a turnaround I may not have much time to buy at a discount.