Step 2 – Math Is Hard


Sorry, this giveaway is over.  You can still continue on with the treasure hunt if you just want to see if you can solve it.

Great Job!

The next step is similar to the first… Add the answer you get below to the end of to discover the next page.

There are different hash algorithms used to make unique transaction values for use on a blockchain. For example, Bitcoin uses SHA-256 algorithm. Nexus uses a much more complex unique hash combining two ultra secure hash functions called Keccak and Skein. The Nexus encryption has been shown to make it up to four times more secure than Bitcoin and almost every other blockchain used in digital currency.

To get an idea of how secure the Bitcoin hash is, find a SHA-256 hash generator and using the answer to the questions below generate the hash value. Take the generated hash value, add it to the end of the MicroCapCrypto link like you did in step 1, and find the next page in the treasure hunt. You may need to try the answer a few different ways before you get the working value.

1. According to the Nexus FAQ, after an initial 10 year distribution period ending on September 23rd, 2024 there will be a total of ____________ NXS.

2. How many characters in length is a SHA-256 hash value?

3. In 2020 the Bitcoin Mining reward will be cut in half. What is the current Bitcoin Mining Reward?

Get a calculator, add those three numbers together, pop them into the SHA-256 generator you are using, and that is the value you are looking for.