Creating A Personal Coin List – Part 1


I found myself spending hours each day looking up the prices for the same digital currencies over and over, one at a time, waiting for each page to load the updated information. When I only had access to see crypto prices through my phone, the task was even more difficult and time consuming. Then one day my friend created a simple page showing all my favorite coins using widgets from Coin Market Cap in one place, and I instantly went from spending hours each day to just minutes. The new widget list also looks great on my mobile device or tablet.

Now, maybe you enjoy waiting for page after page of crypto price data to reload. If so, this guide is not for you. However, if you are interested in regaining hours of your life each week, the following steps will take you less than 60 minutes to complete and there is no cost for either this guide or the web hosting. At the end you will have created a list of just the coins you want to see showing the CoinMarketCap data including the current BTC price and your Local Fiat price of each coin, as well as the market cap and volume. A example of a list you can make is below in USD.


This guide is written to give anyone the ability to create a similar page, with any currencies on Coin Market Cap, even if you have never done anything like this before. While other hosting sites may work, I recommend using Very few free web hosting sites allow you to use javascript widgets like the ones from in your code. GitHub, while they only give you one page to display, handles the widgets perfectly. If you want multiple lists, you would just have to open a new GitHub account for each.

Lastly, before I get to the guide, if you just don’t have time to figure this out yourself, or you don’t mind paying me to do the grunt work, I will set it all up for you for a fee of .001 BTC for each crypto currency you want on your list (minimum of 10). Follow the link below to find out how to request my assistance.



If you are ready to create your Digital Currency list on your own, it is time to head to the first step. Click below to find out where to go to set up your new accounts.