You are now ready to create your web page by copying the code we have populated in the text editor into a file called index.html on GitHub. This will create a one page web site to display our personalized digital currency widgets.

Head back to and go into your account. You should have a clean account. If you are not already in the repository you created in Step 2, click the repository you created to get there. Your project may just contain a README file at this point. You want to be on a screen that looks like this…


Click the ‘Create New File’ button. A screen will appear asking you for a file name. Be sure to enter index.html here. I don’t believe any other file name will work. Then you want to copy all of the code in your text editer, from the <head> to the </table> line, and paste it into the large box below the file name.


When you are done, go all the way to the bottom of the page and click the big Green ‘Commit New File’ button. You will be taken back to your repository page and you will see the new index.html file in the file list.

The last step is to activate your GitHub Pages. To do this go to Settings.


Then page down until you see GitHub Pages, and choose ‘master branch.’ After you select it press Save.


You will be brought back to the top of the page, so you will need to page back down to the GitHub Pages settings section. There you will see a new link. Just click it and you will be taken to your new personalized Crypto Currency Listing page. Save it in your favorites and refresh it whenever you want to see updated information for all of the coins you are watching.


It sometimes takes a few minutes to start showing changes when you make them, and it seems to depend on the browser I am using. For example, IE shows any changes after I Commit them usually within a minute, but with Opera it has taken up to five minutes to see updates. You may need to give it a bit of time to see your list.

I just made your life easier. You are not going to believe how much time this saves over refreshing page after page to check your coins. This process and guide ended up taking me days to prepare. If you appreciate the time I put into it, and the time it saves you, please send me a small tip to the BTC address below.