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Create Your Own Coin / Token

If you have never looked into creating your own Crypto Coin, it takes only a few minutes. It is very easy and inexpensive. Technically, it is more accurate to say I am going to show you how to create a token on the Waves platform, but many coins created this way are listed on the exchanges, the same as any coin with its own Blockchain.

Please, please, (please) send me some of your new coin after you create it to Waves address 3PBujvbdtb7U2K3kuorRa1Xx7R4rhjiaW69.  I would love to get an idea of all the coins created using this document, even if you are just creating your coin for fun like I did. If you send me a message below I will return the favor and send you 777 of my Spaidcoin in return.

Step 1. Create an account on the Waves Lite Client. Waves is a decentralized exchange and will not ask for any personal information. All that is required is a name and password. This process takes less than a minute and requires no download.


When complete, be sure to backup your new account information somewhere safe. The Backup icon is on the top right of the main screen.


Step 2. Exactly 1 Wave coin is required to create your new token, and there is a .001 Wave transaction fee to send your coin to your friends or to sell it. The next step would be to transfer a few Waves from an exchange, or purchase some in the client itself.

Did you know? You can use a credit card to buy Bitcoin or Waves from within the client by clicking the Deposit tab on the main screen.

Waves note: All token deposits and withdrawals for your new Waves account are sent using a single address. The address is actually the account ID. This means if you want to send Waves to me, you send to the same address used if you want to send Spaidcoin or your new coin to me. All are on the Waves platform.


Step 3. After you have some Waves in your wallet, click the Coin Creation icon.



Step 4. Now just fill in the details and hit Submit. It took about 2 minutes for my coin to be created.



Step 5. Check out your new coin by clicking the Waves Decentralized Exchange icon and typing the name of your coin in either of the boxes below it. From here you will be able to sell your coin… if you can find anyone to buy it. You can also send it to other Waves addresses by clicking the Portfolio icon (the suitcase just to the left of the Exchange icon) then using the Transfer button.

Note: If your coin name does not show up, try going to the Portfolio icon, finding your coin and clicking ‘Details.’ A box will pop up. Copy the long ‘Identifier’ number, and use it to search in the Decentralized Exchange instead of your coin name.



Step 6. You can now create your own Faucet for your new coin for free.

Go to the link below and follow the instructions.

Spaidcoin Faucet


As requested earlier, please send me a few of your new coin to the Waves address below:


If you will send me your Waves address in the contact form below I will send you 777 Spaidcoin in return.

Thanks for reading!