Crypto Community Free Giveaways


It started small. A few members of the Nexus community contributed to a prize pool and started doing free NXS giveaways to anyone struggling to put together their first Nexus bags. As more community donations were sent, more coins were handed out.

Now going on two months of weekly giveaways, over $2200 USD in NXS will have been distributed to over 20 lucky winners after the drawing this Friday. After seeing the success and positive feedback from the Nexus community, now TrezarCoin joins the giveaways as well.

People are always concerned about giving away personal information, and so are hesitant to enter drawings. For this reason I only require enough information to find you if you are chosen. No email address or other identifying information required… just your User ID, where I can find you, and an elective comment field on the form.

I am not part of the core team for either of these coins, nor do I encourage you to buy either without first looking into them closely to find out more about them. The communities for both coins invite you to find out more and discover what it is which causes each to be so generous.

I invite you to join the giveaways below. If you win, you can use an address from an exchange if you do not have the wallets installed. There is no catch.

Nexus Giveaway – 175 NXS to 5 random winners (35 NXS each)


TrezarCoin Giveaway – 2000 TZC to 4 random winners (500 TZC each)

TrezarCoin Review


If you have a coin you are a fan of and are interested in running a similar giveaway, please contact me for details at the email below or use the Coin Suggestions contact form on the menu to the left and let me know how to contact you. I don’t charge a fee for running giveaways. For me, it is enough to attract new visitors to my site.