My Favorite Links


There are a few links I recommend new people visit. I am going to be up front here and say these links are very biased, hence the word ‘My’ in the title above. Many of them point to work I have personally done or coins I am personally involved with.

My Stuff

Micro Cap Crypto Reviews – Information and Links for Low Cap currencies. You are here.

An Introduction to Crypto Currency – My thoughts and observations since I have become immersed in Crypto.

Beginner’s Guide to Using Poloniex API – Want to pull information from Poloniex into a spreadsheet? Here is the place to start.

Create Your Own Customized Coin List – I put together a simple guide to create a refreshable list showing the prices of your favorite coins all on one page. Works great on your phone or tablet too.

Crypto Currency Reddit – I try to go through hundreds of different Digital Currency Blogs, Reddits, and Bitcointalk threads daily to find important news.

Nexus Newsletter – I edit, post, and maintain the Nexus (NXS) Newsletter site.

Nexus Crypto Currency Simplified – Because sometimes Colin is difficult to understand.


Crypto Links I Use Regularly

Coin Market Cap – I start here for almost everything I need, including the current price, links to research coins, and historical charts.

Coinbase – My recommended site to find an accurate price for Bitcoin where it is actually being sold for fiat. I rarely sign into Coinbase, but I do find myself checking the BTC price there.

Nexus Slack Trading Room – By far the best Slack trading room I found for ideas. I hang out there most days.

Trading View – My go-to site for Charts and Indicators.

Crypto Currency Reddit – Many people post the links to news and ask relevant questions here.

Cryptopia Slack Channel – Lots of channels… lots of conversation… links to news… buy and sell recommendations… a little bit of everything.


Other Stuff

How To Buy Bitcoin Through Coinbase – A detailed tutorial by my friend keith_nightandday. – Take the classes through 11th grade and you will learn more about charts and indicators than you ever wanted to know. The site was made for Forex trading, but all the basic methods and terminology applies to any financial charts you might be doing.