Great Job, Final Questions!


Congrats… you made it to the last step! Just for reference, here is a comparison between a Bitcoin hash value and a couple random Nexus SK hash values.

SHA-256 sample value – 64 Characters – 62E02E647C63E16E33B6E09F7D16B666762939702C82200F717947DADEC96648

SK-512 sample value – 128 Characters – 528b269ebe03deb97697022520444531b8a4be1990db4010590faf123cbf485338ed3ce64c74bc18fbd17047d468981ce1e01e8c7d033c7d7687694f4703ca11

SK-1024 sample value – 256 Characters – 000004d6a19396fb05d91cb2271d2eb1fa5d447dc5b9d7a60ed7265758bf872dfa07ef724c65f0ca6a88beb0374555e73f5af20343fdd58897f80f0f86eadab10fa278a5efb1b5ec04b513262278693cc428c50d46fa5d7c938596edc739da6aafea3684cca29759ba4212b42dde6a89a6a16ccb86b0cbefb1729e5c47b089b5

Which do you think a hacker will try to break first? The 64 character hash, or a 256 character hash? Even if Nexus was worth the same as Bitcoin, a hacker would still go for the easier target.

Below are the three questions you will need to answer on the next page. Only move on when you have the answers you want to enter for all three questions. The three answers will go into one entry form, and you will not have the opportunity to answer the questions one at a time.

1. In August, 2010, what was the Block number in the Bitcoin chain which had a value of many billions of BTC, causing an emergency patch to be put into place?

2. An untold amount of Bitcoin has been lost or abandoned over the years. A man named Stefan Thomas claims to have lost 7,000 BTC in 2013 because he simply did not have his wallet backed up when his hard drive crashed… ouch. The same year a Welsh man is said to have thrown away a computer with even more Bitcoin than Stefan lost. What was the man’s name (first & last)?

3. Bitcoin’s Proof of Work system used for its mining core was taken from another project started in 1997. This project also provided the PoW systems used in B-Money and Bit Gold, which were other early digital currencies. What was the project’s name that Bitcoin’s Proof of Work systems was borrowed from, and who invented it (two answers)?

When you are ready to answer all three questions click the link below.

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