How To… Extract a Zip File


I use 7-Zip to extract zip files and will use it here for this tutorial. It is free and simple to use. After downloading and installing 7-Zip, you will need to associate it with your .zip files so they will use it when opening.

Step 1. (after installing 7-Zip) Right click on your .zip file and choose properties. In the Properties window press the ‘Change’ button. Another window will pop up with 7-Zip and an option. Select it and then press OK. All .zip files will now use 7-Zip to open.


Step 2. Click to Open the .zip file. A window with the contents will pop up.



Step 3. From the Edit drop down Menu choose ‘Select All.’ This will highlight all of the files.



Step 4. Click the Extract icon.



Step 5. The Copy To location should be your Downloads folder. At the end of the location, enter a short descriptive word explaining what will be in the new folder created. Click OK.



Step 6. Close the 7-Zip program. Open File Explorer and click on the Downloads folder on the left hand side. You will see the new folder you created (Nexus in this case). It contains the extracted files.