Buying Gift Cards Using Bitcoin Without An Exchange


I want this page to become a resource with many options for people to use when buying Gift Cards with Bitcoin. If you know of another retailer I do not have listed here allowing Gift Card purchases using Bitcoin and NOT requiring a specific exchange, please let me know using the anonymous contact form at the bottom of this page.

Most retailers accepting Bitcoin for gift card purchases require you to have an account with a balance at a specific exchange. For example, accepts Bitcoin from BitPay or CoinBase only.


These exchanges typically require many forms of personal identification for you to use their services. I don’t think my personal information is any of their business, and I prefer to use other means to store my Digital Currency.

I know of at least one retailer (in the US) selling gift cards providing a unique Bitcoin address for your purchases so you can send your payment from any Bitcoin wallet or the less invasive exchange of your choice, such as Bittrex or Cryptopia. Read on to see how NewEgg’s simple payment system works. has a decent selection of Gift Cards available from restaurants to retailers to travel. Notably missing are stores such as Walmart, Starbucks, Target, EBay and Amazon, but you should be able to find a gift card for what you are looking for.

Clothing? There are dozens of retailers such as Kohl’s, Old Navy, JC Penny, Sears, Nordstrom, etc.

Gaming? Steam, Playstation, XBox, Nintendo and more.

Restaurants? From fast food to high class, there are many nationwide chains to choose from.

Baby/Kid stuff? Babies R’ Us & Toys R’ us are there.

I have travel plans coming up and need to purchase airline tickets. Delta has the best prices anyway, so I am going to purchase some gift cards. Here is how the process works.

You do need an account at NewEgg, but they just require an email address. If you only buy gift cards with electronic delivery, you can even make up a mailing address at checkout.

First, check out NewEgg’s Gift Card selection and put your cards in your cart. Then click the yellow ‘Secure Checkout’ button at the bottom of the screen. Next, it will require an address, and it will validate the address, so if you are making one up you will have to use a valid address. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC might be a good option.

There is a 15 minute window between the time your BTC price is given and when your payment has to arrive. So at this point I would suggest pulling up the account you are planning to pay from and have it ready.

You are now on the Billing screen. Choose Bitcoin as your payment method, and be sure to read the Note… especially: “All orders fully paid by Bitcoin are final and cannot be returned for Bitcoin or hard currency. All returns will be made in the form of a Newegg Gift Card. All returns follow our return policy.” In this case it doesn’t matter really, nobody accepts returns on gift cards anyway.


Next, click the yellow ‘Continue to Order Review’ button. Under the order summary is a check box for Bitcoin payment. Check it, and then click the Bitcoin button underneath.


Now you will see the screen showing you the amount of Bitcoin you need to send for your purchase. You are on a timer and need to send your payment quickly. Also, very important: If you are sending from a wallet or exchange charging fees, be sure to calculate so the amount that arrives at NewEgg is the amount they require. NewEgg will not pay your fee for you. If you are using Cryptopia, and they charge .001 BTC to withdraw, you need to add .001 to the amount so NewEgg receives the correct total.

Notice the exchange rate quoted (more below). Also, there is a payment countdown at the bottom, and a small refresh icon to the left of the clock. You can refresh to see if your payment has arrived or not. This is my third purchase using BTC at NewEgg, and so far I have not had the clock run out on me before my payment arrived.


I took screen shots of the Bitcoin price at CoinMarketCap and CoinBase when I hit the button. As you can see, $4814 was a competitive Bitcoin price at the time the payment was sent.



A few minutes later, your BTC will arrive and NewEgg will show you a confirmation screen. You will also receive an Email notification. Your Electronic gift cards will start arriving as the order processes. Mine took exactly 30 minutes to arrive in my inbox.

Do you know of another site selling gift cards which provides a direct Bitcoin address? Please let me know below so I can tell people about it here.