MUE Masternode Share Setup


A full MUE Masternode requires 500,000 MUE coins to operate, which is out of most people’s budget.  Fortunately, for each full Masternode there are 50 Masternode Shares you can purchase for 10,000 MUE each. Purchasing Shares is done from the website. These Shares can also be sold at any time, in which case your MUE is immediately returned to your Balance.

A Masternode Share does earn 10% less than you would earn if you were running your own full 500,000 coin Masternode, but with a Share you don’t need to consider the cost of electricity, and you don’t need a computer to participate. You simply buy your Shares and for each you earn 2% (1/50th) of the rewards earned by the Masternode (minus 10% paid to the operator, so more specifically you earn 1.80%). acts as a wallet and any rewards earned are deposited directly into this wallet. Below is a simple guide to setting up your new online account and buying your first Masternode Shares.

Step 1. Create your new account at by clicking Register as a new user.

Note: There is a confirmation Email sent to the address you enter. It did not immediately arrive though, and showed up in my Spam folder.



Step 2. Choosing Addresses will show the address you need to send your MUE to for buying shares. Send MUE to this address carefully, just like you would with any Crypto transfer. As of today there is only one address per account and not a way to create more.



Step 3. Sing the Jeopardy theme music in your head until your MUE arrives. It took about 10 minutes to arrive from Bittrex for me.



Step 4. Under MN Pools, select Global Overview to see the Shares for sale.

Potentially this could be zero. If nobody has any for sale you may need to check back. Click the Buy Shares button to purchase.



Step 5. Specify the number of shares you want, and Buy them.

Be sure to enter the number of shares, not the number of MUE. Buying 10,000 Shares would be expensive. Please read the disclaimers above the selection box. Essentially, if you buy 10 Shares at once, you have to sell all 10 when you sell. It may make more sense to buy 1 share 10 times in case you choose to sell one of them later.



Step 6. You can View and Sell your shares now by going to My MN Shares in the left hand side menu.




Q. If someone else sells their Shares from a Masternode, will my Shares continue to earn MUE rewards?

A. Yes. There are Masternodes in place behind the scenes specifically to handle this scenario. Your Share will continue accumulating MUE.


Q. How often are payments received for Shares?

A. MUE Shares have their rewards sent four times a day. Each is called a Pay Round.


Q. What happens if the full Masternode receives a payment, and I sell afterwards? Do I still receive my portion in the next Pay Round?

A. Yes.


Q. This guide was amazing and really helped me understand what I was getting into and how to make it happen. Where can I send a few MUE to show you the love?

A. My MUE Address is:   7fdW65D3umajP8kdeGskeAchxyDaQ7NhKq

And Thank You!