Nexus Tritium Release Raffle


Tritium Release Day approaches so let’s give away some Nexus…

Tritium Soon will soon become Tritium Now. Colin Cantrell, the founder and creator of Nexus cryptocurrency, promises the release of the revolutionary Tritium update before the end of January 2019. Read more on this update in the blog post below.

The TAO – Tritium Update #2

Staking has been working great for a month, and I have finally started to replenish the pool. In 2018 I distributed over 1500 NXS to more than 25 winners. In 2019 I plan to send out even more.

This time I am going to run a raffle to see if we can put some serious NXS into the prize pool. Each entry will require 5 NXS, and you can enter as many times as you wish. I am starting the prize pool with 150 NXS of my own, and I will not be eligible to win. 100% of all entries, as well as donations from anyone interested in contributing to the prize, will make up the rest of the pool. The number of winners will be determined by the number of NXS in the pool (see below for breakdown of winners). The random drawing will be held the day after Tritium is released to the public (Alpha and Beta testing releases do not count).

Here is how it works. There is a form below to fill out. If you want two entries, send 10 NXS. If you want five entries, send 25 NXS. Send your entry fee to address:


That is the prize pool address. If you want to look up the balance to see the total amount to be given away you can use the NXSOrbitalScan Explorer Address page. If you want to send an anonymous donation to the address to add to the prize pool without actually entering, please do.

The form below requires the Transaction ID of your entry (not your NXS address). I use this to verify so nobody can claim they entered without actually sending their entry fee. If you need help figuring out how to get the correct value, check out the page below.

Getting A NXS Transaction ID


This is my giveaway and not endorsed officially by the Core team. I made up the rules, and I am sorry if you don’t like them. Anyone who wants to enter can enter. I will have someone chosen at random to select random numbers and use those to select winners from the entries.

If I cannot find you based on the information you provided I can’t send you your winnings. Be sure not to change your name or delete your account you use for your entry.

I reserve the right to change this structure if needed. My current idea is to have the Number of winners increase based on the prize pool. For every 200 NXS in the pool (rounded down), there will be an additional winner. You can win more than once.

  • There will be one 1st Place prize equal to 50% of the prize pool.
  • There will be one 2nd Place prize equal to 25% of the prize pool.
  • The rest will be divided up between the additional winners.

Example: At the time of the drawing there is 1050 NXS in the prize pool. There will be 5 winners (1050 / 200 rounded down).

    • 1st Place winner will receive 525 NXS (50%)
    • 2nd Place winner will receive 262.5 NXS (25%)
    • 3rd Place through 5th Place receive 87.5 NXS (25% / 3)