Free Nexus Raffle


Members of the Nexus community are running a free raffle each week. The current prize pool is 110 NXS. All of the entries I receive will go into a spreadsheet and I will have someone in the community generate a random number to choose the winner. Congrats to @White Magnum in the Nexus Discord for winning last week’s giveaway. Enter below. For more information, please read the fine print at the bottom of the page.

The drawing for this round will be done on Friday, March 23rd at a random time. There will be another giveaway next week, so please check back.

If you are not part of the Nexus community, please join us for the latest updates and ongoing frequent discussions on all digital currencies in the Slack #Trading channel.

For a Slack Invite please Email (our community is over 5000 members, so we have to do invites now).

To join Discord visit

The Rules…

If you are not in Slack or Discord, and still want to enter, let me know how I can reach you in the Name field above… for example, you may enter as “SSpaid2 in Reddit.” Just be sure to give me enough information to find you if you win. After I send a message to contact the winner, he or she will have 24 hours to get back in touch with me before I select an alternate winner.

You can enter a Nexus Community Giveaway more than once, but if you win a second time you will only be rewarded with any NXS above your previous prize. For example, if you won 25 NXS the first time, and 100 NXS are being given away now, you will get 75 NXS. The rest will go to a 2nd place winner. I think it would be worth bragging rights to win a 2nd time, so please feel free enter again.

Although I cannot enforce it, please respect my request to keep it to one entry per person per raffle. I will only count the first entry submitted by any user, and I will not send any NXS to the winner without contacting him or her first in Slack/Discord to verify the address is correct. In other words, entering your addresses with other people’s names will not work.

This is an unofficial giveaway. It is not endorsed, supported, or funded by the Nexus core team. The contributors below have just been very blessed by Nexus and want to give a little back to the community that has been such an important part of our lives.

Contributors to the Current Giveaway are…

  • @Spaid
  • @Murdockie
  • @zim
  • @quarters
  • @king_kikomba
  • @jorko80

Past winners of Spaid giveaways are…