Coins I Did Not Review & Why


I look at a lot of coins that never get reviewed for one reason or another. Here is a list of coins I have looked at but did not review and why.

JNS / Janus (04/20/2017) – At this time, Janus is still kind of in ICO phase. They are collecting money and not trading on any official exchanges. The project looks really good and meets all of the criteria, but buying is too complicated and any review I do would have to be completely rewritten when JNS is actually released.

NTRN / Neutron (04/22/2017) – The dev checked in recently and just gave me the impression he was not too concerned with getting anything done. The coin seems very mature without much thought of making it better. I am searching for coins with life and active development.

XRB / RaiBlocks (06/12/2017) – Cannot be purchased at any well known exchanges. Otherwise I would have reviewed it.

LOG / Woodcoin (05/22/2017) – No development, no Slack, no real purpose other than to be a rare coin.  I was not sure what to write about it.

WYV / Wyvern (04/22/2017) – Too early, but has promise later on.

XVS / Vsync (04/21/2017) – It is just too early. I don’t consider the two exchanges it can currently be bought from to be reputable or reliable. There is no web page.