ODN / Obsidian


November 17, 2017 – Version 1


Definition from the latest Whitepaper

The Obsidian Project offers unrivaled private communication by combining a secure messenger application with a cryptographic coin that enables a decentralized communication network. This provides resilience against attacks on the communication servers by replacing them with decentralized nodes which anyone can host, and thus receive Obsidian coins as compensation.

The decentralized secure communications network is therefore owned and operated by no single entity, but instead by thousands of humans all over the world thereby rendering attacks on hosts ineffective to the network status. Communication meta-data cannot be gathered at one central point, as it is scattered over thousands of hosts all over the world making it very hard to work out who is talking to whom, even when parts of the Internet are under surveillance.

The Obsidian Project thus takes the power of existing secure messaging services one step further, by fundamentally changing the architecture from a server-centric network to a decentralized network that is owned and run by its users, and financed with the Obsidian coin. The WhatsApp and Facebook mobile messenger applications alone process 60 billion messages per day. It is our dream to make each of these messages much more private than they currently are, with our Obsidian Secure Messenger line of mobile applications.

Community Enthusiasm – ? out of 5

  • Due to recent and constant Spam attacks, the Slack invite has been shut down.
  • No alternative is yet available at this time.
  • I will revisit the community aspect on my update review.
  • Bitcointalk ANN is active daily.

Active Development – 4 of 5

  • There is active development by multiple developers.
  • Regular weekly updates have been given recently.

Exchanges – 2.5 out of 5

Price – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/obsidian/#charts

  • Price pumped after ICO in October 2017 to over 20000 sats.
  • Price has fallen and stabilized between 3000 & 4000 sats.

Wallets – https://github.com/obsidianproject/Obsidian-Qt/releases

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux



November 17, 2017 Summary

I am a big fan of community and think it is the most important single feature in attracting investors to a digital currency project. At the moment, there is no Obsidian community outside of Bitcointalk. I am sure this will be addressed, but I was unable to verify even how many people are currently in the community.

I have not reviewed a decentralized messaging system before on this site, but there are other projects working on providing similar features. I just am not sure how they all differ and what makes Obsidian unique… another question I can’t ask in Slack. Just as there is room today for many different messengers, I am sure there will be room in the future for multiple decentralized messengers.

I believe this is a needed application in our world where governments are constantly monitoring everything we do. I am looking forward to a day when there is a Slack-like decentralized application. Someone is going to make this happen, and Obsidian will have the groundwork for it already established. Maybe they will be the project to accomplish this. We will have to watch and see.

My Recommendation…

Does it make sense for a messaging application to have a $6.6 million dollar market cap? I don’t know. Maybe someone within the project can contact me and give me some more information on what future plans are. Their Roadmap on the website only goes out to the end of 2017, so I can’t tell what plans are for the future.

I do like to see large core teams working on projects… especially new ones. It is less likely to be abandoned or to have one person make off with the ICO funds. This large team is making fast progress and frequent updates are nice to see. The new Android messaging application being worked on is an important piece.

I am personally going to wait until I can join a community so I can see how active the developers are there, and ask some more questions. I think in the next version of this review I will be able to provide much better direction for everyone here.