PIVX Earning Experiment


I have been giving zPIV staking a try for a while now and after discussing with a few others in the PIVX community, I feel like there may be more profitable ways to put my coins to work. PIVX has three different ways to get rewards.

  1. Masternodes
  2. PIVX Staking
  3. zPIV Staking

A masternode requires a 10,000 PIVX commitment, so I decided to put the same amount into PIVX & zPIV staking as well. I will post the results here periodically for anyone to follow.  Fortunately, we have published numbers from another source, so I know the numbers I am supposed to be seeing.

PIVX Interest Earnings

In my efforts I ran up against a couple of difficulties worth mentioning. First, I am running multiple other Masternodes with other coins, and PIVX has the most difficult setup routine I have experienced. I am not a linux expert, and the documentation available is not simple for the average person. Most other coins have a simple script, but I could not find one for PIVX. Also, with a Masternode, if you are hosting with a VPS (I am using VULTR.com) there is a monthly hosting fee. For these reasons, if someone chooses to use a Masternode to invest with, the rewards need to be worth the effort and the hosting cost. I expect the results to show this is the case… we will see.

Second, zPIV staking is frustrating for a couple reasons. When you stake, you earn 3 zPIV, and these are received in single denominations. The bad news is you can only move 7 zPIV at a time, so if you earn 100 zPIV staking, it requires 15 transfers to move them (100 / 7). I have earned over 900 zPIV staking, and I don’t have the time for 120 transactions, so those might throw off my numbers slightly if I cannot tell them apart. Also, zPIV staking results in over 50% orphans… some days you will receive nothing except orphans. My record is 11 in a row and you will get tired of seeing red 3’s. On the flip side, zPIV staking is anonymous, which is a really nice feature, so if it is comparable to the other two in returns, it will be the winner in my opinion.

I have just finished setting up the experiment today (09/16/2018), and I am not going to start gathering results until all three avenues are earning. Thanks for reading and I look forward to posting the results.

Here are some more details on the setup… I broke the 10k zPIV and PIVX staking into 1000 coin addresses.  I have all three avenues paying into the same wallet, and I have moved all excess coins (except the single denomination zPIV) out to a different wallet. I have the Masternode running on a $5/month VPS. The coins are staking on a high end computer I use exclusively for staking.


09/20/2018 to 09/30/2018 (11 days) – 79 Total Rewards

  • Masternode – 39 PIVX (3.54 / day)
  • zPIV Staking – 24 zPIV (2.18 / day)  (33 Orphans)
  • PIVX Staking – 16 PIVX (1.45 / day)

So far, the results lean heavily in favor of Masternodes.


Well, I ended up pausing the experiment (see below for more stats) because I have had so many issues getting the Masternode to work. At this point it says Enabled in my wallet, and active on the VPS, but no rewards are being sent for the last 4 days. To get any kind of comparable results I am going to have to start over on a new VPS and wait for the rewards to start coming in again, which took days last time.

I can tell you the previous 10 days my staking rewards have increased significantly for both PIVX (32 total, 100% increase) and zPIV (33 total, 37% increase). This comes much significantly closer to staking to what I received for MNs, so the difference may not be as much as we saw the first 10 days. zPIV was also keeping up with the MN until the issues started with it.

10/12/2018 to 10/22/2018 (11 days) – 84 Total Rewards

  • Masternode – 34 PIVX (3.09 / day)
  • zPIV Staking – 36 zPIV (3.27 / day)  (21 Orphans)
  • PIVX Staking – 14 PIVX (1.27 / day)

We can start to get a better idea now of the payouts, and surprisingly (to me) zPIV payouts are keeping pace with Masternodes, especially when you factor in the cost for the VPS.  PIVX staking rewards seem to be all over the place, though my suspicion is while I was having Masternode issues in the previous period, the 10k that would have been locked for the MN was instead staking PIVX. I think after the next period I can start to make some accurate assumptions.

Recently we have started to hear about another avenue of receiving zPIV though zPIV Masternodes associated with the zPIV DEX being introduced next month. I will need to run the experiment for that as well. More details as they are available.

10/23/2018 to 11/02/2018 (11 days) – 105 Total Rewards

  • Masternode – 36 PIVX (3.27 / day)
  • zPIV Staking – 39 zPIV (3.55 / day)  (24 Orphans)
  • PIVX Staking – 30 PIVX (2.73 / day)

I think we can start to make some conclusions from the 33 days of good data. First, Masternode payouts are pretty steady, averaging around 36 PIVX, or a little over 3/day. zPIV staking seems to be around the same average as Masternodes, and has actually bean a slightly better producer in the last two periods. The PIVX staking has been volatile, and not nearly as productive as the other two options.

Now that I have these numbers, things are changing again. With the zDEX coming, everything will change, so I will need to run new numbers once the initial craziness calms down.

Shutting down this experiment for now. Back in the future with more numbers.