How To… Apply The PIVX Bootstrap


The PIVX Bootstrap will allow you to save time downloading the entire blockchain using the wallet. It will still take some time to get the file, apply it, and sync up the rest of the blockchain, but this method should cut the amount of time by 75% or more.

This tutorial is for use with Windows.

Step 1. You have to Install the PIVX wallet. If you have not done this already, check out my link on how to do so here:

Install The PIVX Wallet

Step 2. Locate your PIVX Wallet Data Directory and Delete the ‘blocks’ and ‘chainstate’ folders. There are many ways to locate this Data Directory, but I think this is the easiest.

  • Open File Explorer. In Windows 10 do this by clicking the Windows Start icon in the lower left corner and typing in ‘File.’ It will pop up automatically.
  • Select Windows (C:) on the left hand side
  • Type %PIVX% in the Search field in the Top Right Corner
  • Wait while Windows looks



Step 3. You may have multiple folders found by the Search. You are looking for the folder with the ‘blocks’ and ‘chainstate’ folders inside of it. For me, this is the top PIVX folder in my list, but you may have to look into more than one depending on what you named your main PIVX directory when installing.

When you find the folder, Delete them by highlighting them and hitting the delete key. Keep this ‘File Explorer’ window open.



Step 4. The current PIVX Bootstrap will change as it gets updated. I can’t put a link here to the latest one available because you might be looking at this guide a year from now. The latest version of the Bootstrap should be current on the link below, which points to the main PIVX GitHub directory. Step 3 in the guide on the link below has the download  you need.

Apply PIVX Bootstrap Link

This file contains a lot of information and can take a while… especially if you have a slow connection. When it is done, make sure you see the ‘pivx-chain’ file in your Downloads directory (can be found on the left hand side in your File Explorer window).



Step 5. The file you have received is Zipped, and needs to be unzipped and extracted. In some versions of Windows you can just double-click to open the .zip file and have access to the contents. If this does not work for you (ex. if it asks you to buy a program to see the contents), follow the link below to unzip the file for free.

Use 7-Zip To Access A Zip File

Step 6. Inside the .zip file you will see the Bootstrap.dat file. It is easiest to Copy & Paste this file into the PIVX Data Directory we deleted files from in Step 3.

Step 7. Open your wallet. This is the main ‘pivx-qt.exe’ program. The bootstrap will be applied, and your wallet will start downloading just the latest blocks in the blockchain. In the Bootstrap file I applied above, the first 800,000 blocks were instantly applied, saving me many hours of syncing in the wallet.