Renos Swapumentation


I was a bit confused about the Swap process for my Renos coins, so as I went through the process I decided to document each step for those of you who like pictures, like me. Though this is not a difficult process, hopefully knowing exactly what to expect helps someone feel more confident about sending their coins to the swap wallet.

Note: If your RNS coins are on, this process is not necessary. They will perform the swap of your coins automatically for you… however, it is too late now to send your current coins to to avoid the steps below. They have already put their wallet in maintenance mode.

The information to create this Swapumentation comes primarily from the Bitcointalk post here:


Step One – Create an account at

This web wallet will be where you send your Current Renos coins to. I signed up for a new account. When the screen popped up I pressed the ‘Get a new address’ button, and then the Blue wallet (which acts as a refresh button) in the top left corner next to the word Hello.



Step Two – Transfer your current coins to your new address.

Whether your old coins are in a wallet on your PC, or on Cryptopia, or somewhere else, you can now send them to the new address provided. The Renos team recommends sending a small amount first to verify your new address before sending your entire balance. It takes just a few minutes for your coins to show up.



Step Three – Log Out of the account you created.

Step Four – Log In to (C)

You do not need to create a new account. The same name and password you used for the first account will automatically work for this Log In (D). Please read and heed the warning on the screen.



When you log in you will probably see a balance of 0.0 in your account. At this point you need to wait for someone behind the scenes to swap your coins for you into this wallet. You can use the white Refresh Wallet button (E) on the top left to check to see if your account has been credited. This can take some time depending on when someone gets to it.



Step Four.5 – While not necessary, since you are waiting now would be a good time to download and sync the new Windows wallet if you are planning to do so. Your balance should be empty now, but be sure to backup and copy your old wallet.dat file just to be safe before installing the new one.

Once your wallet.dat file is backed up, it is best to remove the content in your C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\RenosCoin folder before installing. The new Windows wallet is available here:


Step Five – Once your balance shows up on you can move it.


The balance can be moved using the Send Funds button, but only to an address on the new chain. If you installed the new wallet in step 4.5 above, you can move your new RNS coins there. Be sure to pay attention to the latest information on Bitcointalk or Renos Slack (links below) to see when the exchanges are swapped over and can accept your new coins.

Renos Bitcointalk –

Renos Slack Invite –


My new (not old) Renos wallet address… in case this Swapumentation helped and you want to show your appreciation… RVVLJYRWcrXLXixN5wpLRij8Wqoh86xkCo