Replace Fire Stick Voice Remote With Non-Microphone Controller


If you are like me you don’t want any microphones in your home connected to Google, Facebook, or any other untrusted source. For this reason I was dismayed to see the new Amazon Fire Stick only is available with a remote which includes a microphone, and Amazon freely admits it stores everything said into the remote. You can even go into your account and see everything it has recorded (and delete the archive there as well).


Notice The Microphone Button On Top Of The 2nd Gen Remote.

Fortunately, the old Fire Stick remote control with the first generation remotes does not have a microphone on it and still works with the 2nd generation Fire Stick. Unfortunately, Amazon has removed the ability to officially buy one through their site, so this means you will need to find it somewhere else. I bought two from Ebay for less than $10 each, where they are readily available still. Be sure to buy the 1st Generation Bluetooth remote controller without the Microphone button at the top of the device.


1st Generation Remote

Once your new remotes arrives you will need batteries in the remote you currently have paired to your Fire Stick, and batteries in your new remote. Go to your Fire Stick home page on your TV and navigate all the way to the right to where you see Settings. Then scroll to the right through the settings to the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices option.

Once there, select Amazon Fire TV Remotes, and follow the instructions under the Add New Remote option. This will include pressing the Home button on your new remote, followed by the Select button on your old remote.

Once the new remote is paired you can select your original 2nd Generation Voice Remote from the listed available remote controls, and press the Menu button on the remote to decouple it from the Fire Stick. I also removed the batteries from the evil Big Brother remote, sealed it in a thick bag, and moved it to a place where it will never accidentally be used again.