RNS / Renos


November 1st, 2017 – Version 3


Definition from https://renoscoin.com Web Site

Renos focuses on promoting community values by contributors of the project. Launched on the 26th of February 2017, it has amassed over 1000 users in less than a month. Earn reoccurring income by supporting the network and install a wallet, or by joining the community contributing to earn bounties.

Renos is a minimalistic crypto-currency which focuses on promoting community values in its contributors and followers of the project. Launched on the 26th of February 2017, it has amassed over 1000 users in less than a month.

9% development fund allocated which is currently held in escrow by community member ParmaBTC and 1% (also held in escrow) for giveaways and promotions to be spent over time.

Giveaways and promotions by the project promote encouraging community members to complete development tasks referred to as “Bounties” in return for Renos Coins.

Community Enthusiasm – 3 out of 5

  • The Slack channel has 1245 members, up 5x in the last 5 months.
  • The Bitcointalk thread is Regularly active with investors, and developers have started contributing actively there as well.
  • There is also a Telegram chat room.

Active Development – 2.5 out of 5

  • The devs are working in the background.
  • There is a new Roadmap.

Exchanges – 2 out of 5

Price – https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/renos/

  • This coin fluctuates and is highly influences by the alt market.
  • RNS shot up over 3000 sats in July.

Wallets – https://renoscoin.com/

  • Windows wallet
  • Mac wallet
  • Linux wallet
  • Github


November 1st, 2017 Summary

Renos Masternodes are released, and are running smoothly, but the price has not really reacted. This shows crypto has finally reached the point where they expect more than the word Masternode, and Community-Coin these days just means the devs are looking for people to help develop and come up with future plans.

The first 1,000 people to download the wallet each received a 30,000 coin airdrop when it was created. This is probably why so many people already know about RNS coins.

I don’t see much happening in Slack any more. The developers used to be in there frequently, but the community has really died down. I don’t think this is unique to Renos… with the current alt market, many communities are seeing less participation. The question is will people come back when it turns around? This will depend on if anything is delivered, or if the currency just disappears from here on out.

My recommendation…

Renos still has a lot of work to do to meet their objectives, and admits as much in their Roadmap. When I initially reviewed Renos there was no activity from the developers, then for a while they were around all the time, now they check in once a week or so. It is hard to tell what they are really working on.

I am very cautious about buying anything at the moment because of the rise in the price of Bitcoin. I expect the alt-market to come back at some point in the near future, but I don’t expect all coins to come back. We will need to see what happens with Renos. Watch closely for more developer activity before buying.