Slack & Discord Giveaway Winners


In week 5 the community is giving away 100 NXS to one person in Slack and another 100 NXS to one person in Discord. And the winners are…

Slack – @nhelman64

Discord – Bloxkchain84#3820

Congratulations, I will be contacting you soon. The winners in week 5 have our friend @Anastasiya to thank for picking the random numbers this week. There were over 150 unique entries. @nhelman64 had the 3rd entry in the Slack giveaway and Bloxkchain84#3820 had the 51st entry in the Discord giveaway.

Since March 1st the community has given away over 700 NXS. Next week I am shaking things up again and will be giving away 150 NXS on April 20th. Stay tuned for more information I will release tomorrow in both Slack and Discord. The entry link(s) will be different next week.