SpaidCoin / SPACO


July 31st, 2017 – Version 1

SC chip 2

SpaidCoin is the ultimate Micro Cap Coin. It is worth nothing, but it also costs nothing. It has become the mascot coin of

I made the SpaidCoin Token originally as a joke, and just started airdropping 777 SpaidCoins to whoever sent me their Waves address. I have had so many people interested I have now given away tens of thousands of the coins.

For you, the fans of, I want to make the same offer. Send me your Waves address below and I will send you 777 Free SpaidCoins.

These coins are only being airdropped by me, and I encourage you to tell your friends to visit this page. SpaidCoin is the only coin I know that is guaranteed not to decrease in value. If it ever does drop below 0, please feel free to send them back to the address you received them from and accept my apology. There will only ever be 7,777,777 SpaidCoins, so get yours now!

Please only send in your Waves address once. I am not going to send tokens to each address more than once.

Background of SpaidCoin… My Slack name used across many different channels is Spaid and I typically hang out in the Nexus Slack. One day I wrote a blog on How To Create Your Own Coin and someone in Slack said something about me making SpaidCoin. A few minutes later, SpaidCoin was born. I have taken it to extremes now, but want to continue to spread the SpaidCoin love to everyone who is interested in free coins worth nothing. If that sounds like you, welcome to SpaidCoin.