SpaidCoin / SPACO


July 31st, 2017 – Version 1

SC chip 2

SpaidCoin is the ultimate Micro Cap Coin. It is worth nothing, but it also costs nothing. SpaidCoin Crypto Currency has become the mascot coin of I had one friend call it “the world’s first Self-Deprecating Shitcoin… and proud of it.”

The SEC here in the USA made it clear tokens with value can only be sold by legitimate registered businesses. I aim to make sure SpaidCoin never falls into the ‘value’ category. Keeping it free and worth nothing is my way of sticking it to ‘The-Man,’ and you can be part of the effort!

I made the SpaidCoin Token originally as a joke, and just started airdropping 777 SpaidCoins to whoever sent me their Waves address. I have had so many people interested I have now given away tens of thousands of the coins.

For you, the fans of, I want to extend the same offer. Send me your Waves address below and I will send you 777 Free SpaidCoins. If you need to create a Waves wallet, it is anonymous and takes about 2 minutes. I have some instructions on my Create Your Own Coin page.

These coins are only being airdropped by me, and I encourage you to tell your friends to visit this page. SpaidCoin is the only coin I know that is guaranteed not to decrease in value. If it ever does drop below 0, please feel free to send them back to the address you received them from and accept my apology.

See the FAQs at the bottom of the page for more information. There is a Spaidcoin faucet available at the link below if you want to spend 777 hours getting the coins instead of sending me your address.

Spaidcoin Faucet

There will only ever be 7,777,777 SpaidCoins, so get yours now!

Please only send in your Waves address once. I am not going to send tokens to each address more than once.


Q. Who are you? Where did SpaidCoin come from?

A. My Slack name used across many different channels is Spaid and I typically hang out in the Nexus Slack. One day I created documentation on How To Create Your Own Coin and someone in Slack said something about me making one myself. A few minutes later, SpaidCoin was born. I have taken it to extremes now, but want to continue to spread the SpaidCoin love to everyone who is interested in free coins worth nothing. If that sounds like you, welcome to SpaidCoin.


Q. When can I expect my free SpaidCoin to have some value?

A. Hey now! What are you trying to do? Get me arrested? There are very strict SEC rules here in the U.S. which say Tokens with value need to be legitimate business ventures. Nobody ever accused SpaidCoin of being legitimate.


Q. What does the SpaidCoin roadmap look like?

A. SpaidCoin Roadmap


Q. Does mental illness run in your family?

A. Only on my ex-Wife’s side.


Q. Where can I find more info on SpaidCoin?

A. C’mon Man! You can’t. Haven’t you wasted enough of your life reading all the way down to here already? Send me your Waves address and go find a coin with some value. Spending this much time thinking about SpaidCoin is not healthy.