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It has been a long time since there was an ICO I felt comfortable participating in. One reason for this is my lack of faith in the team behind most projects. Call me distrustful and full of high expectations, but in my opinion a couple of guys just out of college with very little life experience, and no business experience, are about as likely to see a project to its successful end as I am to finish a marathon. If I was to guess, almost all of these high priced Crypto Currency ICOs people are investing in today will be abandoned before completion.

Running a successful project of any kind takes experience, preliminary research, and a well-defined plan to reach clear goals. I have never personally seen an ICO for a digital Currency before now with these attributes. Tomahawkcoin is the first.

Tomahawkcoin is the digital currency for Tomahawk Exploration LLC, an oil and gas exploration business officially registered in Nevada and headquartered in California. The Board of Directors for Tomahawk Exploration consists of three men with over 85 years of business experience combined. The business plan has been created by executives with decades of relevant experience in conjunction with legal experts to be transparent and comprehensive in its objectives.

The Tomahawkcoin project purposefully opens itself to investor’s scrutiny. Unlike many other Crypto ICOs, there is a wealth of information available about the professional and public lives of the Tomahawk Exploration leaders. To alleviate the criticism typically associated with a typical digital currency ICO, assembled below are short profiles of each member of the Board of Directors.

David Laurance – President & CEO of Tomahawk Exploration LLC

David Laurance has over 40 years of experience in the gas and oil drilling industry. He participated in drilling over 300 wells in countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Columbia, Indonesia and Oman. David is dedicated to reducing the impact of drilling on the surrounding environment and is committed to full compliance with all State and Federal laws applicable to this project. Mr. Laurance has served as president and chairman of multiple oil & gas production companies, including Eldorado Exploration, Inc.

David majored in geology and physics at Southern Oregon University and the University of Oregon. He started his career finding alternative ways to generate electricity. He developed a project using off-peak hydroelectric power to create hydrogen, which could then be used to increase output during peak energy usage hours.

David Laurance’s Professional Profile at Bloomberg News

Mr. Laurance served as Chair at the California Water Management 2014 Hydraulic Fracturing & Steam Generation Congress in Bakersfield. There he developed cost-effective strategies for water disposal and treatment for reuse in hydraulic fracturing, steam generation & waterfloods including reverse osmosis, ionization, chemical treatment, percolation ponds.

Rick Shaddock – Board Member

Rick Shaddock is a former marine with ties to the Washington DC intelligence community where he served as a consultant starting in 1985. He started his career teaching computer software to staff at the Pentagon, and worked as an NSA programmer starting in 1994. He also provided highly secure systems and support to the American efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2006, Rick started to question who the real perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City were. He has dedicated most of his profits from supporting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the 9/11 Truth and Peace reporting groups. He is a true patriot and is committed to removing America from the control of the warmongers and putting the power back into the hands of the people.

Rick is always continuing his education, and posts his scientific research papers and articles at Rick Shaddock is the CEO of the Association of Digital Currency with Headquarters in Washington DC. Rick is also the Project Initiator and Lead Developer at CI Corporation where he heads the Digital Currency Development team.

Rick’s involvement as a patriot, an activist, and an expert in digital currency technology brings important credibility to the project for the crypto community.

Horia Cretan – Chief Information Officer

Horia Cretan is a native of Romania and a US resident for the last 23 years. He has extensive computer knowledge, a Professional degree in Telecommunications, is an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church Ministries, and has owned several successful businesses in New York Tri State Area.

Horia provides vision and leadership in the development of Tomahawkcoin’s ICO launch and manages the digital currency enterprise. Mr. Cretan is responsible for driving digital currency new business initiatives, controlling performance objectives, coordinating processes across the enterprise to optimize operations, integrating technology and business to innovate, and in ensuring security and compliance.

Horia is the Vice President of Investor Relations at the Association for Digital Currency, which Mr. Rick Shaddock is the Founder and CEO (see above).

Mr. Cretan is an Awarded Hero in The Bronx NY for rescuing a 4 year old boy from a burning building and is the recipient of many awards from entities, organizations and people of high rank including the a Citation of Merit from Mr. Ruben Diaz Jr the current Bronx Borough President in the name of 4,1 Million citizens of The Bronx. He also received the “Outstanding Citizen” award from the Detectives Crime Clinic (of which he is still a proud member to date) and the Civilian Courage Award from Bronx Community Society of the Prevention Against Cruelty to Children. Horia has made many Television appearances on daily shows such as Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, Inside Edition, The Ellen Degeneres Show and CNN.

See The Dramatic Rescue Footage and CNN Interview here

When you contact Tomahawkcoin on Bitcointalk, using Skype or by sending an Email, you are going to be directly in touch with Horia to answer your questions.


I challenge you to find another digital currency ICO with three more qualified businessmen at the helm. Join the team yourself today at

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