Tomahawkcoin ICO Announcement


Crypto Currency Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) held in the past have developed a mixed reputation with investors. On one hand, high risk investors cannot stop buying these unproven coins and tokens which have been shown to be a way to make incredible profits. On the other hand, wary buyers are smart enough to realize many of the projects offer no real substance, and in many cases are relying on an uncertain future for success. Investors in the crypto community have become distrustful of these unproven concepts raising tens of millions of dollars, when only a small portion of those funds are actually required to get started.

I invite you to picture a new professional brand of ICO. One where the costs have already been defined and the goal is to raise only the money needed to begin operations. An ICO where the business plan is available to read before investing and put together by a publicly accessible business team with verifiable credentials.

More importantly, imagine an ICO promising investors the option to receive gift shares in the company tradable over the counter in a lucrative industry within eighteen months. Perhaps ICO in this particular case should stand for Initial Coin Ownership.

Let me introduce you to Tomahawkcoin, and a new category of digital currency investment offering investors transparency, assurance and sincerity.

Tomahawkcoin is the digital currency being offered by Tomahawk Exploration LLC, an oil and gas exploration company registered in Nevada (1) with headquarters in California. The company will raise $5 Million for the ICO, which will be used to drill ten wells in Kern County, California. A complete business plan detailing costs, rates of return and risks involved is available on the Tomahawk website.


Within eighteen months after the completion of the ICO (and potentially sooner), Tomahawkcoin holders will be given the option of receiving gift shares (2) in exchange for their digital currency at a one for one exchange rate. Another option would be to keep your Tomahawkcoins and continue to trade them in the crypto markets.

The expected revenue for each of the ten oil wells based on the company’s investigations is $500,000 (3). This brings the total for all ten wells to $5,000,000 per year, which will then be poured back into the company to further increase the value of its investor’s shares.

The ICO price for Tomahawkcoins, and therefore shares in Tomahawk Exploration LLC, is set at .05 cents each. 100 million Tomahawkcoins will be sold at this price to raise just $5,000,000 to get the ten oil wells running. An additional 100 million coins will be used for marketing, bounties, employee salaries, ownership shares for the Board of Directors, and otherwise running the company, however, no additional superfluous funds will be raised in the ICO, and no further coins will ever be created in the future.

Other Crypto ICO sales in the past, where untold millions of dollars were handed to an often anonymous group with little or no business experience and a vague plan of action, seem tremendously risky in comparison. The few people who will have the opportunity to buy Tomahawkcoins before the limited number are sold will be buying into a transparent operation with potential profits already defined.

Don’t let this one article convince you though. Tomahawk Exploration LLC invites everyone to do their own research first. The company encourages investors to look at the materials already available, such as the Roadmap, Business Plan, Director Profiles and Business Registration. Please stop by the slack channel and ask the Chief Information Officer, Horia Cretan, your questions. All the links you need to help make your decision are below.

Tomahawkcoin is expected to increase in value similar to other recent digital currency ICOs. However, the incredible advantage buying and holding will offer to early investors will be the opportunity to obtain shares in the actual company itself, which is expected to be worth millions in the coming years.

What can you do in the meantime while you wait for the ICO? There thousands of free Tomahawkcoins available in the Bounty List for simple tasks such as following on Twitter, making exchange requests, and joining Slack!


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