Free NXS Trivia Treasure Hunt Start Page


Sorry, this giveaway is over.  You can still continue on with the treasure hunt if you just want to see if you can solve it.

There are two steps to moving to the next part of this treasure hunt.

  1. You need to answer the four Nexus trivia questions on this page.
  2. Once you have the answers, use them to create the correct link to get to the next page.

There are four questions below related to Nexus. The answers are very specific and the number of letters in the answer is noted. Once you have all four answers, you will combine them in different combinations at the end of until the right one opens the next trivia page. – (this is an example, the real sequence is random)

Click Here To See A More Detailed Example Of How This Works (if you need it)

These questions are not meant to be difficult. All of the answers are easy to find with a search. Putting them in the right order might be a challenge though.


  1. Before the symbol for Nexus was NXS, it was what? It might help to look at what the symbol was on Bittrex prior to September 24, 2016.  (4 letters)
  2. There will be three updates, or components for the TAO. The name of the last release is what? (8 letters)
  3. In August, 2017 Vector Space successfully launched a test rocket from a location in the state of Georgia. The name of the spaceport where the rocket was launched is Spaceport ______? (6 letters – This one is first)
  4. You often see SK-1024 associated with Nexus hashing. The ‘K’ stands for Keccak. What does the ‘S’ stand for? (5 characters)

Sorry, this giveaway is over.  You can still continue on with the treasure hunt if you just want to see if you can solve it.

The Rules…

Rule 1 – It may not actually be a treasure hunt… but that is what I am calling it.

A total of 175 NXS is up for grabs with the following prize structure. You can only win once so there will be 7 winners. If you don’t like the way I have set this up, please accept my apology, then go find someone else giving away free NXS.

  • The first person to get all 3 questions correct on the last step of this contest will get 40 NXS. (1 Prize)
  • The first person to correctly answer each question on the last step of this contest gets 20 NXS. Each question will have a different winner (20 NXS to 3 different people). If the first person to answer question 1 gets the correct answer, he or she will not get 20 more NXS for answering Question 2 or 3 first correctly. The next person in line will be selected.
  • On Friday at a random time I will take all correct answers for each of the three questions and choose a random winner of 25 NXS for each one. The same person will not be chosen randomly more than once for multiple questions. (Three 25 NXS Prizes)

Be sure to give me enough information in the name field to contact you (ex. George in Reddit). After I send a message to contact the winner, he or she will have 24 hours to get back in touch with me before I select an alternate winner.

To keep the giveaway fair, please only enter once with one account. I will only count the first entry submitted by any user, and I will not send any NXS to the winner without contacting him or her first to get their address.

This is an unofficial giveaway. It is not run by the Nexus core team, though they are contributors to the community giveaway pot.

Contributors from the NXS community to the Giveaway are…

  • @Spaid
  • @Murdockie
  • @zim
  • @quarters
  • @king_kikomba
  • @jorko80
  • @bibbityjibbity
  • The Nexus Core Team

Past winners of giveaways are…

  • @alberic (25 NXS)
  • @BlackJack (25 NXS)
  • @Z0mb13 (25 NXS)
  • @White Magnum (125 NXS)
  • @thymusnxs (110 NXS)
  • @from200to3millions (100 NXS)
  • @Lee (60 NXS)
  • @Brutus (40 NXS)
  • MikeTront from Reddit (20 NXS)
  • Bloxkchain84 from Discord (100 NXS)
  • @nhelman64 from Slack (100 NXS)