TShirt Ideas Giveaway


A few members of the Nexus community have been having fun designing new Nexus wear, and I want to know your ideas to put on the next shirt.  I am giving away 50 NXS to whoever comes up with my favorite suggestions. There is also a new Trezarcoin shop below, and I may be convinced to give away some TZC if I get some good ideas from their community.

Here are links to the current stores managed by Nexus community members.


Check out the sites to get an idea of what will fit on a shirt. The contest will run through September 7th, and you can enter more than once. See the rules below. I am giving away 50 NXS to the two people who come up with my favorite idea in the following two categories…

  1. Nexus Specific – Your idea does not have to be positive or serious, but I am more likely to consider your entry if it promotes Nexus instead of degrading it.
  2. General Crypto – Anything goes, positive or negative. If it makes me laugh I am more likely to choose it.

Here are some basic guidelines.

  • No foul language or pornography.
  • Keep it short.
  • I can’t use copyrighted images on the shirts, except for the Nexus logo we have been given permission to use.
  • If your idea includes an image, provide a link to where the image can be found… preferably with a transparent background.

Don’t Forget About Jabar’s Meme Contest Starting September 8th. More Details In Nexus Slack #meme_contest channel.


  1. I am giving away my personal NXS and am going to be selecting my personal favorite. This is not an official giveaway endorsed by the core team.
  2. I may also use your suggestion, even if I don’t choose it as the winner. If I do so I will give you credit for the idea in the store, and if we get a tip bot, I will tip you if anything with your idea sells.
  3. I am going to pick from the best ideas submitted by September 7th.

If you are looking for me to answer any questions I am Spaid in the Nexus Slack or Discord.