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April 16th, 2018 – Version 2

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Trezarcoin is a highly secure store of value with fast transaction times designed to be used as a currency. We implemented the newest Proof-of-Work algorithm, as well as Proof-of-Stake, to meet these stringent security standards.

We promote a super secure and energy-efficient PoW/PoS Coin featuring the latest advanced 0% PoS by Ghostlander. Trezarcoin utilizes a multi-algo implementation to ensure the highest level security with NeoScrypt PoW, Sha256d PoS, and BLAKE2s for Block Hashing. Coins will be produced via PoW and PoS. For early investors without mining equipment there was a launch auction where 17% of the total coins were distributed,  with funds used directly to support development.

 Community Enthusiasm – 4 out of 5
  • There is a Slack Channel with 1417 enthusiastic members.
  • The project leader is almost always available.
  • Bitcointalk thread is Very active.

Active Development – 4 out of 5

  • The project has experienced team members.
  • Multiple updates have been integrated in the last few months.
  • There is a Roadmap with future plans.

Exchanges – 3 out of 5

Price –

  • TZC is a relatively new coin released at the end of September, 2017.
  • The price has generally hovered between 300 sats & 400 sats.
  • In January 2018, the price went up over 2000 sats briefly.

Wallets –

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac




April 16th, 2018 Summary

Though TrezarCoin is still relatively new, I feel there is more interest than usual in the crypto community due to the experience and reputation of the people involved. Ghostlander has at least two other coins he has worked on in the past and he brings that code and expertise with him to this project. Chekaz is running things with years of experience with crypto projects and is very active in the formation of the TrezarCoin community. Mirrax is a well-known ambassador in the crypto world and as he is an invested supporter of TZC… you can be sure everyone will know about it.

TZC is taking all of the best features released by various coins across the crypto spectrum and implementing them into one currency. Atomic Swap, Lightning, and Segwit are all features TrezarCoin will have implemented to make it useful, fast, and secure.

There are already two use cases released, which is more than most coins ever end up providing to the community. TrezarFundMe is an application where the suggestions for various improvements are posted along with the cost of doing them, and the community votes on which should be done by simply funding the ones they want to see. TrezarTravels is an interface with Expedia allowing the use of TZC for booking travel plans.

My recommendation…

Six months in, the community is still very active in the development of Trezar, which is the most important aspect of success with any coin in my opinion. Everything promised so far has been delivered, but there are ambitious plans ahead which will keep everyone on the team busy this year.

With the addition of Cryptopia to their exchange list, TZC has a well known place for purchases with enough volume to make buying easy. Other exchanges, such as BlockBid, will be added in the near future.

The core team is tremendous. The staking and mining capabilities are working and pools are available. You can tell the team working on it has experience in crypto and is delivering on promises at a rapid pace. Other coins I have looked at for review in their first few months didn’t even have a basic wallet ready.

This is one of the few coins I reviewed I can tell you I do own and stake. I think when the market turns and people start looking for buys again, TZC will surf the wave to new highs.