How To… Vote For Your Favorite Coin On Binance


Binance adds one coin from each voting round to their exchange. Many coins are available to receive votes. Signing up for an account to cast your vote requires less than five minutes of your time and is as anonymous as your Email account.

Only a valid Email address and password are required. It took longer for them to send me the confirmation email than it took to enter the information. Below is a link to sign up. It is a referral link, so by just clicking there to register you are showing me your appreciation for this guide.

Click Here to visit

  1. Enter Email Address and Password. You will also be asked to type in the 4 digit verification code.


2. Agree to Terms of Use by checking the box that appears.

3. Click the Link in your Email to activate your account.


4. Sign in to your new account.

5. At this point you either need to fund your account, or more likely, the community behind the coin you are voting for will send you the .1 BNB needed to cast a vote. To get your Deposit address for BNB go to Funds -> Deposits Withdrawals. Once there, BNB was at the top of the list for me and I clicked Deposit to get the address to send to. You will also see other currencies here you can deposit if needed.


6. Once you have the .1 BNB in your account for your vote, you need to have the voting link to reach the correct page. There is no obvious link on the site. Click below to get there.

Binance Voting Page

7. Choose the coin you want to vote for and press the big orange Vote button at the bottom.



8. You are done. You can vote for more than one coin if you have the BNB available… I am not sure why you would want to, but you can.

Thanks for reading my guide. Any Appreciation is Appreciated.

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