Week 9 Nexus Winners


In week 9 the Nexus community is giving away 50 NXS to two people (100 Total).  The winners this week are…

@rene from Slack

@chemosabe from Slack

I regret to inform Seymour Mac, once again, that he did not win… but I do appreciate him announcing the winners on the Crypto & Chat Show.

Congratulations, I will be contacting the winners soon. The winners in week 9 have our friend and winner from last week @Marcio in Slack to thank for picking the random numbers this week. The winning numbers were 9 and 28 so this week it paid to enter early.

Since March 1st the community has given away approximately 1500 NXS. The drawings are taking a break for a while.  Stay tuned in Slack for updates on future giveaways.