XSPEC Holders Will Receive WISP Coins


A faction within the cryptocurrency XSPEC (Spectre) project team, including the previous lead developer, left the team to start their own project. Their goal is to create a new digital currency focused on privacy called WISP. XSPEC holders will automatically receive WISP coins in what is essentially an airdrop when the fork creating the Wisp blockchain occurs. It will be important to prepare in advance for the split.

For ultimate privacy, the WISP team does not plan to have their digital currency listed on any Centralized Exchanges, such as Cryptopia. This means you have to get your XSPEC off of the exchanges to receive your WISP. There are a few steps involved in getting this done.

Step 1. Download the XSPEC wallet on your own computer. Click below to select the correct wallet.

XSPEC Wallets


Step 2. Install the wallet and sync up the blockchain. Be sure the entire blockchain is downloaded before moving on. Instructions can be found below.

How To Set Up The Spectrecoin Wallet


Step 3. Copy the wallet address.

The wallet address is found under Wallet -> Receive in the menu. Copy the address in the wallet. The address you are looking for will look similar to this:


XSPEC wallet01


4. I advise encrypting your wallet at this point, AKA, setting a password. This option is under Wallet Encryption -> Change Passphrase in the Menu. When you are done you will need to exit and reopen your wallet.

5. Log into your exchange account (Cryptopia/Livecoin/Trade Satoshi) and Withdraw your XSPEC into your new wallet. It makes sense to transfer a small amount the first time to assure you have the wallet setup correctly and are using a valid address before moving your entire balance. Once your small transfer shows up, you will know everything is correct and can send the rest.

After you have your coins in the wallet, you may as well stake them and earn some more XSPEC while you wait. There is a blue lock in the top right, next to the word TOR. Double Click the lock. On the pop-up screen, make sure the check box to Stake is checked. Type in your password and press enter. The lock will turn from blue to orange, and your coins will be staking. You have to leave your computer on and your wallet open to stake your coins.

You just need to have your XSPEC coins in the wallet when the fork happens, which currently is scheduled for May 1st (subject to change, so check back before then). At that point you will automatically be credited with your free WISP coins. Detailed instructions will be released for this part of the process closer to the date it occurs, and I will update here as new information is released.

If this was helpful in helping you receive your free coins, please consider sending an XSPEC donation my way. My address is SXV523VN9WHHxrXkrmqKaFPnfVh3dJdGtF